Benefits to An Unsocialized Existence

Ten Reasons I Love Being Homeschooled:

10) Wearing pajamas while doing math

9) One-on-one attention from the teacher

8 ) Sitting around in the evening and writing a book counts as a high school writing credit

7) And so does this blog! 🙂

6) Bring-a-stuffed-animal-to-school day (Okay, well I haven’t really done this in the last five years, but it was huge when I was in grade school!)

5) Getting to work at my own pace

4) Staring back at the people in the grocery store who are wondering why I’m not in school

3) Being free to pray in school

2) Having a mom who knows all the history answers on Jeopardy!

But the number one reason I love being homeschooled is this:

1) Field Day at the Thompson’s house!!!!!

Yes, we had Field Day today and yes, I managed to get sunburnt (as always), even though it was chilly and overcast half the day. Figures.

Anyway, how can you not have fun at a home-turned-petting zoo on who-knows-how many acres, complete with pigs, goats, and a cranky peacock? All the little kids were in heaven, equally fascinated and disgusted by the smelly hogs. Kudos to the kids who touched them! 🙂


Kids are so brave these days! I remember being freaked out by the goats at Maymont when I was a toddler.


Fascinated and horrified by... goats.


I have no idea what we did to get this peacock so cranky, but he was not a happy camper today.


I miss my chicken chasing days... I chased one today for old times sake.


Through the eyes of a child...


One great thing about the Thompsons' house - Lots of fabulous photo spots! 🙂


Organized chaos


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  1. * BlueSalad says:

    yeah. I agree with all those reasons! LOL 😀 homeschooling is pretty cool

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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