Mother’s Day

For the last couple weeks now, I’ve been thinking about what to say today. I really wanted to share something special about my mom who (as you all know) is the best mom ever. So I decided I was going to say something about one of her many virtues that really stuck out to me. Maybe something on her diligence or tidiness or hospitality. I started looking out for things to notice and report to all of you. You know, in order to impress you with what a wonderful mother I have and all that. But what it’s what I didn’t really expect to notice that struck me the most.

And that is this: The one thing that my mother is best at, probably better than anyone I know, is being a friend. Before these last few weeks I hadn’t really noticed before how out of the way my mom goes to serve and comfort those she loves. No matter how much others (myself included) take her for granted, you will never hear her complain. It doesn’t matter how needy people are. As long as they have a need, my mom will rise to the occasion to meet it.

Several weeks ago, an older woman in our church had surgery and was placed in a hospital nearly an hour from our home. And yet almost every day my mom would pack up and drive out there to spend an hour or so comforting her friend and praying with her. I asked her why she went so often, when normally people only visit once or twice, and she shrugged and said, “She wanted someone to visit her while she was in the hospital. It just breaks my heart to think of her alone up there with no one to talk to. That’s not what I would want.” My mom knew that the woman in the hospital was in pain and just needed a friend to talk to and be with. My mom was that friend.

My mom will always be the first one to drop whatever plans she had and rush to the side of someone who needs her help and support. She doesn’t mind cooking several meals a month for other families or watching someone’s kids for free just so they can have a break. And she expects nothing in return.

Ever since I noticed this about my mom, I’ve become conscious of my own attitudes towards those around me. Whenever I feel like someone takes me or my mom for granted and I huff and puff (“Can you believe she said that to you, Mom? It’s like she doesn’t even care about your feelings!”), my mom is always the first one to remind me to be gracious and always look for the best in others. One day I was upset because someone asked us to do a favor for them that I really didn’t think was neccessary, and I remember telling my mom that I was struggling to do it with a gracious heart. My mom looked at me and said, “Well, Rachel, we don’t always do things for others because we feel like it. We do it because it’s the right thing to do and it’s what Christ would want us to do.”

I’ve thought about that ever since she said it. It’s not easy for my mom to be so serving and so kind to others. I’m sure that there are days that she’d rather say “No thank you” or “Find someone else” (and she does, occasionally), but she serves with the same attitude of Christ. She realizes that even if a job may seem thankless or difficult, there is no better knowledge than the fact that she is doing the right thing. She is helping someone, and showing her love in the best way possible.

We live in a petty, self-serving age that no longer promotes true friendship. Many of the friendships I have seen both on television and in the real world are all about looking out for what you can get out of the deal. How is this friendship going to help me? How am I benefited in some way?

But that’s not what true friendship and love is about. I have come to realize, through my mom’s example, that it’s not about taking as much as it is giving. And I have no doubt that if anything were to happen to my mom, she’d have a dozen friends who would do anything to help and serve her in return. She’s a great friend and a humble and loving person, and I am proud to call her my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!!

If any of you have anything to share about your mother or other women in your life, please do! Today is all about celebrating them!



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