Life is Beautiful

This may sound mundane and overused, but life really is beautiful. Every day is filled with little moments that just take your breath away. I think it may be the writer or the photographer in me (or possibly both) that forces my eyes to capture every little detail around me and soak it all up.

Tonight as we were driving home from church the sun began to set, and for a few moments the whole world glowed golden orange. It illuminated the trees, radiating from the leaves and casting golden streaks onto the pavement. And in that moment, something within me jumped and I praised God, thanking Him for such a beautiful world and a wonderful life.

It really is a comfort to remember that no matter how hard or stressful or depressing things may seem, life is still beautiful. We can still thank and praise the God who puts air in our lungs and a sun in our sky and fills our day with blessings, no matter how small.

Just something to think about. 🙂



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