A Humorous Life

 I was riding in the car with a friend the other day, retelling one of our family’s infamous tales (I think it was the Hannah pumpkin story–I have to remember to tell you guys that one around Thanksgiving :)), when she said something that took me by surprise. “Your family is so funny,” she said. “Nothing like that ever happens in our family.”

I paused for a minute. “Don’t be silly. You’ve got five little brothers and sisters. They must do crazy stuff sometime or another.” She thought for a while, then told a pretty funny story about her little brother flushing a toothbrush down the toilet and nearly ruining their plumbing system. We all laughed, and the topic was soon changed.

But I thought some more about what she said later. And the more thought I gave it, the more I realized: My family is really funny. I mean, it’s not like anything extremely crazy or paranormal happens all that often, but our everyday life is filled with a lot of humor. We know how to laugh at ourselves. We can find something funny in the most normal, commonplace little incident.

I think it has to do with how you view life. Whether or not you adopt the “the glass is half-full” mentality. My personal opinion is always that “the glass is half-empty, but it can always be refilled”. My sister thinks this is the weirdest philosophical statement in existence (thanks, Hannah), but for me it kind of works. It acknowledges that life is full of bumpy moments. Bad things happen. Mistakes, accidents, and tragedies. But life goes on despite of it. For every dark moment, there’s a flicker of light behind it. Something humorous, even. And it’s not until you can find that little piece of sunshine that you can turn something disastrous into something funny.

Our family has a lot of tragic/funny stories. Just ask us. Sometimes, it seems like everything that can go wrong will. And we may not even be smiling about it immediately. We may be really mad, or frustrated. But my prayer is that we will always come out of bad situations stronger, smiling together and looking back on it with nothing but good memories. And we may be banned from Taco Bells and IHOPS forever (long, long stories ;)), but that sure won’t stop us from cracking a joke about it as we drive by. We live a humorous life, and I am thankful every day for it. 🙂



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