That’s Why They Call It “Power”

So, as I’m sure many of you have guessed, I’ve been away from my blog for a while due to a certain annoyance called “Hurricane Irene”. Six days without power and several more without internet—life stank for a while. My family was making fun of me because after about day three without electricity I came up with this (insanely clever) philosophical statement:

“I think they call it ‘power’ because of its control over us.”

Like I said, they all thought it was lame. Whatever. I still thought it very thought-provoking and applicable, so I continued to say it despite their protests. 😉

I did do a lot of thinking in the week without electricity, though, so I suppose it wasn’t all bad. We didn’t suffer any damage to our house or property during the storm, which our parents encouraged us to be thankful for. A couple different families we know lost their homes or suffered significant damage to their yards.

One of the things that was weighing on my heart as I meditated on the Lord’s sovereign care and provision for us was this: I am beyond blessed. Really, I am. Despite having no electricity and no running water for six days, I was still living in a way that probably 70% of the world’s population can’t relate to. I had a roof over my head to keep the rain off, and a warm bed to sleep in, and heaps of books and games to keep me preoccupied. We also had a small generator to keep our food cold, and a grill to prepare burgers and hot dogs, and friends with running water who allowed us a place to shower and do laundry.

Compare that to teenagers my age living in Africa, or the Middle East, or India, whose lives are ten times more difficult than mine every single day. They live in huts, or tents, and sleep on thin mats. Sometimes they don’t know where there next meal is going to come from. They work from sun up to sun down to provide for their families, often doing extreme physical labor or working for minimum wage. And every night when they go to sleep, they know they have almost no hope for a future of anything different.

Needless to say, I am beyond ashamed of my own behavior sometimes. To be jealous of my friends with full house generators and hot running water is absolutely ridiculous. Even under what I think is “roughing-it” circumstances, I have a pretty good life. And I don’t even what to think about all the luxuries I enjoy now with electricity and wireless internet connection. God has been good to me, and to our nation, and I just don’t appreciate that enough sometimes. If He wanted to, He is powerful enough to send inconceivable destruction upon us. He touches the earth and the ground shakes beneath us. He stirs up the waters and our streets flood and our trees snap under the weight of His wind. And yet, He preserves us. He still holds us in the cup of His hand and protects us in the midst of the storm.



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