Lord, Make Me a Moon

The sun is the most glorious thing in the sky. It blazes, it burns, it radiates heat and light. Sit out in it too long and you’ll either fry until even the ends of your hair are sizzling (like me), or bake into a nice tan (like my sister). It heats our planet, and lights our days, and provides the nutrients we need to live. The sun is amazing.

All my life, I’ve wanted to be a sun. The center of the universe. The brightest thing in the room. I’ve always had that selfish desire to be the one that people look at and admire. No one wants to be the dull spot in a conversation. I think we all have that innate longing to be noticed and appreciated. At least I do. 😉

Which leads me, of course, to think about the moon, that lesser light. The moon also has an interesting role in the sky. It’s not quite as important as the sun. The moon doesn’t give us heat. Or vitamins. Or cause us to glow with a dazzling tan. It doesn’t even produce its own light. To me at least, the moon has always seemed pretty lame. No offense.

No one wants to be a moon. Overlooked, underappreciated, disregarded. I certainly never did. But it wasn’t until recently that I started viewing things in a slightly different way.

My dad was leading Bible study one night and he said something that surprised me: “Christians should desire to be like the moon.” At first, this didn’t make sense to me. Shouldn’t we be like the sun–dazzling bright for the world to see? He expanded on his thought: “The only light produced by the moon is a byproduct of the sun’s reflections on it. So, when you look at the moon, what you’re really seeing is the light from the sun.”

It’s the same way with Christians, he went on to explain. Christ is the all-glorious one. He has conquered sin. He is the one that is dazzling and bright and spotless. The sun. We’re sinful and ugly in comparison. And yet Christ has shone His light on us. When people look at us, they shouldn’t see our sins and our mistakes. They should see the beautiful, radiant light of Christ, which God has reflected upon us.

I thought about this a lot after my dad first shared it with us. I was looking up at the moon not too long ago, trying to make sense of it. As a Christian, God doesn’t call me to be a sun. He doesn’t want me to be the center of attention, or the source of light in a room. Rather, He desires for me to put aside my own sinful cravings and become a reflection of Him instead. To light the darkness of this world with the love of the King.

And so, I decided to pray for God to make me a moon. Not to astound those around me with my own gifts and talents, but to quietly step aside and let the true Light shine.

Just something I felt like sharing. 😉



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  1. * Samantha says:

    Thank you for sharing…I never thought of the moon this way before, but it’s so true. I asked God to make me like to moon too. What better thing could we be than a moon for Jesus Christ reflecting His brilliant beauty to the world He loves?!

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 7 months ago

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