Things that Go Bump in the Night

Those of you who know me, probably know that I am really into all things scary. Classic horror films, crime shows, fun houses… Anything that sends shivers up my spine makes me smile. I love it.

That being said, there is something else you probably know about me. And that is that I am a huge wimp. I love watching crime shows but I am suspicious of creepy men at the grocery store and pretend to talk on my cell phone in public to avoid getting kidnapped or mugged. I’ll watch just about any horror film with you, but when I’m home alone and the mail lady rings the doorbell, I freak out and hide behind the couch until she goes away. I view everyone as a potential threat. That weirdo in the parking lot? He’s definitely a drug dealer or member of some gang. I just know it. And the people selling magazines at our door are without a doubt part of a secret underground crime agency sent to scout out our home for a future attack. None of them can fool me. Part of this fear may have to do with my severely paranoid sister’s influence upon me. Part of it may have to do with that one friend I had in elementary school whose mom was always telling us how to escape kidnapping attacks. Nevertheless, the fact is this: I get scared.

My mom’s probably freaking out as she’s reading this right now, because it’s kind of a morbid fear. Also, she probably doesn’t want anyone to think her daughter is an obsessive, suspicious freak. But the reason why I am writing is because I have reason not afraid anymore! Why? Because Christ has given me a peace and assurance that nothing can harm me or my family that He does not know about. I don’t need to fear a boogeyman hiding in my closet, because I have the Lord of the universe standing by my side. He has told me that He will never leave me or forsake me, and that I have no reason to fear, for He is with me.

Now does this mean that I’m not still going to be freaked out when someone knocks on the door when I’m home alone at night? Heck, no! But it does mean that instead of going on my knees to hide behind the couch and fear for my life, I will be praying for God to protect me and take my fear away. And, I’ll admit it, cause the mail lady to miraculously  disappear and never come back. Because I still am, and always will be, a part of that 1%. 😉

But I mostly just wanted you to see the picture at the top, because I just thought it was really funny.



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