Pieces of Life

 So, those of you who know me and my sisters personally (or have done your fair share of reading on this blog) know that we are all kind of crazy. We are funny and sarcastic and make really exaggerated stories out of everyday life. And we jump around a lot and sing really loudly and make up weird handshakes. And obviously we do the same with all of our friends.

Anyway, my sister Hannah told me that I didn’t have enough “everyday life” pictures on my blog. I guess I just always figured that people would be more interested in seeing my professional photography work, rather than the blurry, crazy photos of our everyday life. But, because I like keeping Hannah happy, I promised I’d post some photos of random events of 2011. Just your average, crazy-faced, life-with-three-insane-girls pictures.

If you think we look totally whack, then you are one hundred percent right. Just don’t judge us until you know us! ;p





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  1. * Emily Croft says:

    Very funny!!! Miss your family and can’t wait to see you on Monday.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 5 months ago

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