In the Habit of Naming Things

In our family, we name things. Like, seriously, everything. It’s funny, too, because you’d think that I would do that, being a writer and all, but you wouldn’t think my dad would. Or my fourteen-year-old sister. Or everyone else who lives within the confines of our home.

It is weird, though. And the weirdest part is that I never once realized this was unnormal when I was growing up. I thought that everyone named their possessions! It is only as I grow older that I am becoming more self-conscious of the oddness of this habit. Naming things. And always with human names, mind you. We’ve never called a pet “Fluffy” or “Princess” or “Spot.” It’s always “Esther” or “Emma” or “Giselle” or “Zach”.

Anyway, my friends think I’m very strange. So below, I will list all of the named objects that we have that I can think of, and you can comment with either an affirmation of my weirdness, or a sweet remarking telling me how much you love me anyway and how I could never, ever possibly be weird to you! 😉

Here is our long, illustrious list of named possessions:

  • We have two cats named Emma and Esther. They both have the middle name “Louise”, because my dad thinks that all of our pets should have the middle name “Louise”, for some weird reason.
  • Our car is named “Sacagawea”, because she takes us places.
  • My dad decided to name our house “Ein Gedi”, after the desert oasis in the Bible. Why? Because, according to my father, our home is an oasis in the dry, thirsty desert of the world.
  • There are several wild deer who often hang out in our backyard. We named the buck “Buck Stew”.
  • We also once found a stray cat that Hannah and I decided to name “Mr. Darcy”. Not for any particular reason either, except that it was fun to run to the window and go, “Oh! Mr. Darcy! Dear sisters, it’s Mr. Darcy!” all breathlessly every once in a while.
  • Once upon a time, we owned a dozen guinea hens. Before they all died, they were all named! Mine was “Rowena”, in case you were wondering.
  • We feed a pair of hummingbirds that live somewhere nearby. They are fondly called “Mildred” and “Vernon”, and we make up stories about their life together.
  • Hannah insists that her laptop is named “Lola”, and when it’s not working, she gets annoyed and says, “Come on, Lola. Come on, girl.”

Well, that’s about all I can think of that we have named. It is quite a lot, but come on, it’s not that strange, right? 😉


Turning Me Into a Sentimental Sap

I’ve said it once; I’ve said it a thousand times. I am not a romantic. No, seriously! I am one of those girls who laughs through the proposals in movies and who has never bought a Valentine’s Day card and would probably be weirded out if someone ever bought me chocolate. (I don’t even like chocolate, so I would probably also be offended that my guy didn’t even know me that well)  In fact, I was having a conversation with one of my friends the other day about men who throw rocks at windows. My friend was a bit on the gushy side, saying, “If a guy ever did that to me, I would just be like, ‘You are perfect!’”, whereas I took the, “If a guy ever did that to me, I would probably get some kind of weapon and hide because I would naturally assume it was some kind of axe murderer or something” approach. See? A very un-romantic and un-sentimental mindset, right?

Well, I was so sure that I would always keep that mindset. There didn’t seem to be anything that made me weak at the knees or gushy, and I was sort of proud of that fact. Nothing that is, until I started going to weddings. Then, a very bad thing started to happen. I started to turn sentimental.

It is absolutely terrible! I mean, you guys do not even realize how bad this is for my reputation. I simply cannot laugh in the face of love and gushy feelings, and then get all choked up and teary-eyed at the expression of the groom when the bride first comes down the aisle. That’s, like, against everything I’ve ever stood for!

It’s very true, though. Weddings are turning me into a sentimental sap. I’ve been to two weddings in the last week or so, and I teared up at both of them. A few more weddings, and I’ll be sobbing buckets! I don’t even know what it is. I mean, I’ve always been the anti-rock-throwing and chocolate-giving personality, but there’s something about the way the bride and groom look at each other, and the way the mother always tears up during the father-daughter dance, and the way their hands all shake at the altar, that is just so amazingly sweet.

So, I guess I’ll have to keep you all posted the next time I go to a wedding, and share whether or not I was able to keep my tears in. My thinking is I’ll probably be like one of those really tough guys and rub at my eyes without letting anyone see me cry. What? You think I’m getting choked up by this? Please. But inside, just know that I am sobbing away. And I’m probably thinking something like: This is the most enormously sad and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and it just completely warms my cold little heart.

And that’s the truth of it.


P.S. Although I think I would still hate receiving chocolates. I’m not that soft yet! 😉

Writing Q&A: Writing Tips

I got a lot more questions for my Writing Q&A then I had expected, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to best organize them. I think that, for now, it would be best to break them up by category and do several posts answering similar questions.

So, today, I’m starting out with some basic questions asking for writing advice. I’m hoping to make this a weekly thing, so if you think of any more questions you may have, you’re always free to fire away and I’ll answer when I can!


  • Is there any way to make your characters more real, and their own person?

I absolutely love answering this question. Because, honestly, people ask me this all the time, and it’s probably the one question that I never get tired of answering.

I think the key here may be to change the way you view writing. I’ve talked about it in blog entries before, but I always take the “Characters first, story second” approach to writing. The only way you’re going to gain those amazing, three-dimensional characters is if you center your stories around them. Try not to focus on the plot turns or scenes or dialogs. Focus on your characters.

You have to think of your characters as real people in order for them to come across that way. If you’re thinking of them as just letters on a page or pawns in a story, then that’s all they are ever going to be to you. But once you start thinking of them as real people with real emotions and thoughts and dreams, then you can start relating to them on a deeper level, and your writing will reflect that.

Take your main character for example. What do you know about her? Other than the fact that she is a sixteen year old princess with two dead parents and long blonde hair, do you really know anything about her? Think about the little things. Maybe she’s embarrassed of the freckles on her nose because women in her country are supposed to have flawless skin. Maybe she has a really loud laugh that makes everyone around her laugh, too. What if she was obsessive compulsive about eating the same breakfast every single morning (taking a jab at myself here ;P) or had a paranoid fear of dogs licking her? Thinking about little character quirks like that will make your main character so much more lifelike and realistic. Because don’t we all have odd aspects to our personalities?

Once you’ve figured out your main character’s personality, start thinking about her dreams and motivations. What does she want more than anything else in the world? Is it to take revenge on an evil king or to break the princess stereotype and become her own person? What is she willing to do to accomplish that and who wants to bring her down? The more you think about it, the story will just naturally unfold. Because your character will lead it.

  • How do you know when you’ve happened upon the right name for a character?

 Hmm… Good question. And one I’ve never really thought that much about. To tell the truth, I’m not that into picking out names. I usually just use the first name to pop into my head. I keep a Baby Name book on my bookshelf that I’ll flip through if I’m really desperate for ideas. And I always look through church directories and phone books when searching for the perfect last name, which to me has always been more important for some reason.

There are a few exceptions, though. Take Allie, for instance. In my book Interrupted, the main character’s name is Alcyone Everly, nicknamed “Allie”. When I first started writing the book, I named her “Anna”. But it didn’t feel right. Even though “Anna” is a beautiful name, it didn’t fit her personality at all. It was simple, and old-fashioned, and a little boring. Then one day, when doing research on some different stars (Allie and her mother both loved star-gazing), I came across an article on the star “Alcyone” in the constellation Taurus. “Alcyone” is a star named after a character from Greek mythology.  The moment I came across that name, I knew I had found the perfect name for my main character. Allie’s mother was always a dreamer and a romantic, before her husband broke her heart. She was also very unusual and interested in poetry and history. So it made sense that she would name her daughter after a star or a Greek nymph! Plus, “Allie” was just such a fun nickname, and suited her personality so well. It was perfect.

  • Any recommendations for making a story’s setting seem real?

Do research. Really, that’s just the best advice I can give you. The only exception I can think of is maybe if you’re writing some kind of sci-fi or fantasy book. Then I guess you can do whatever you want and no one can question you because you made it all up yourself! It’s a little more complicated if you’re writing realistic fiction.

Another tip I would share is to write about what you know. I grew up in the country and I’m very familiar with simple, country life. So that’s what I tend to write about. It’s just the world I know! Everyone knows everyone and gets in each other’s business. Normal life consists of gardens and sitting on the porch drinking lemonade and going to the local restaurants where you know the owners and all the waitresses. That’s life to me, and that’s the kind of life I write about. Whether it’s in small town Maine (which I modeled after the historical towns nearby) or the rolling hills of Tennessee (which I’ve visited) or hot and sticky Georgia.

  • How do you write a sad, emotional scene without making it sound sappy or forced?

Writing sappy scenes can be very difficult. But, despite that fact, they are some of my favorite scenes to write. Because I think it’s through those emotional, compelling scenes that you really get to connect with the main character. It’s a challenge, though. As the writer, you have to really feel those emotions yourself in order to portray your character’s feelings in a way that will touch your reader.

Maybe it’s because I enjoy doing it, but I do always try to include at least one very emotional scene whenever I write a book. I do this in part because of some advice my agent gave me when I was working on my second book. He told me that a good writer should always “Thrill the heart and break the heart”. There has to be a balance. You have to have those knee-weakening happy moments, and then those tender, crushingly sad moments.

Whenever I start writing a sad scene, I have to get myself in the mood. I put on a playlist on my computer that I titled “Sad scene” and let the music—um—depress me.  And then I start thinking about whatever’s going on in my book and try to get into the head of my main character. What is really saddening her right now? The more connected you can feel with your character, the better. If you can actually cry about it, great! I always cry when I write sad scenes. It may sound corny, but it’s true. It really breaks my heart to break my character’s heart. But I know I have to do it.

As far as not sounding sappy, I think that mostly comes down your own personal ideas about what is sappy and what isn’t. I guess I always aim for sentimental, but not sappy. It’s all about how your character thinks about things. A thought like, “Oh, my beloved Mother, I will never see you again!” is sappy. “She’s never going to look at me with those eyes or touch me with those cool, soft hands again” isn’t sappy. At least to me.

Also, one last thought. (Gosh, this post is getting long!) And that is: Always notice the details. Details are by far the most powerful thing in a sad scene. Having your character wail and wallow in her own self-pity probably isn’t going to move your reader. Here’s a quote from my book, following one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever written. After Allie’s mother dies, Allie returns to the bedroom and finds the following:

“It was as if nothing had happened. The bed was still unmade and one of the windows was open. The curtains fluttered in the breeze. A book that we had been reading was still sitting on the nightstand.”

To me, that is sad. It may not seem that sad or sappy, but it is. Because it’s a painful reminder that Allie’s mother is gone, and that even though things may look the same, everything has changed. And it will never go back to the way it was before.

So, those are a few of my thoughts on some excellent questions. I’ll do my best to answer some more questions later this week!


Sappy Enough to Make Even Me Cry

Those of you who follow my Facebook page may have caught my status about photographing my first wedding on Saturday. That’s right–I survived it! I think there was less pressure, actually, because I was hired as a second photographer and I didn’t have as many things to worry about. My focus was the groom and his groomsmen, the ceremony, and the reception. To tell the truth, I was actually a little bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the stress and pressure of photographing a wedding, but it ended up being one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. Of course, it helped that the bride and groom were absolutely gorgeous, and every single detail of this amazing wedding was so well thought-out. The reception was held in this big barn, with chandeliers and lights and lace and burlap and….well…I guess I’ll just show you the photos and you can see for yourself. 😉

I did have an “Oh-my-gosh-am-I-seriously-crying?” moment, though. When Lindsey started to walk down the aisle, I turned my camera onto the groom. It absolutely melted my heart to see him wiping away tears at the sight of his bride. *Sigh* Even unromantics like me find that knee-weakening, I have to admit. 😉


For a Pessimist, I’m Still Fairly Pessimistic

One thing you may not know about me: I’m a horrible pessimist. I’m pretty sure it’s something I’ll never be cured enough. I’ll be a pessimistic until the day I die–a slow, painful, agonizingly lonely death. Probably.

The rest of my family tends to be pretty pessimistic, too, so it really makes for some interesting conversations sometimes. Like if one person is running late for something, we’ll all groan and stand around griping that we’re never going to get there on time, and we’re always late for everything, and we have such a terrible reputation. And we always assume that strangers are ex-convicts or serial killers, or out to get us in one way or another. And one day when we were all in semi-grumpy moods, my sister Hannah quipped up, “In my doctor’s office, I saw a sign that said, ‘It has been proven that optimistic people live longer than pessimists.'” It didn’t help our moods much. In fact, I remember saying, “Well great, then. We’re all doomed!”

Anyway, I’m not writing this to depress you or bring you down this morning. I’m writing this because I am happy to report that things are getting (slightly) better. I have decided that this is no longer any proper way to live. I can’t go about my life always assuming the worst and being surprised whenever something good happens! And so–I have decided to give up some of my pessimism. Yes, it’s true. I am on my way to becoming a sort-of more optomistic person.

In fact, I’ve taken up a new motto. Instead of viewing the glass as half-empty all the time, I have decided that “The glass is half empty, but it can be refilled!” You know what that means? It means that I have officially come up with a new type of personality. The optimistic pessimist. It means that I can have a freaked-out, depressing personality every now and then, while still remaining upbeat and positive! In other words–it’s the perfect way to live! Who wants to be happy and smiling all the time, and who wants to be moody 24/7? No one.

Therefore, I have decided to be an optimistic pessimist. Is it weird and out-of-the-box? Yes. But is it an interesting way to live? Absolutely. 😉


P.S. Confession: This post was mostly just filler material so that I could add a note at the bottom announcing: I’m doing another series of Writing Q&A! That means that you can feel free to ask me any writing, publishing, or personal questions that you want, and I will do my best to answer them all on this blog! If you have something that you’ve been thinking about or want to ask me, feel free to either comment with your question, or email it to me directly at REC804 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say! 🙂

That Awkward Moment When…

You just can’t think about anything to write about. I find this strangely ironic, considering I wrote a whole article on curing writer’s block for Go Teen Writers yesterday, but it’s true. Some days I just can’t think about anything worth blogging. That happened to me pretty much every day this week. Go figure.

Anyway, one of the suggestions that I gave on the Go Teen Writers blog was to write about anything—anything at all. So, I’m going to take my own advice and that’s what I’m going to do. Bear with me through this awkward, rambling blog post and please pray that I can think of something a little more eloquent next time. 😉

So without further ado, here is a list (can you tell I’m like obsessive about lists) of some random, funny things that happened to me this week that you might find semi-interesting:

  • I went on a walk with my sister the other night. This might not be interesting at all, if not for the fact that we passed this weird, decrepit bulldozer parked on our street with a raggedy Elmo taped to the front. That’s right. Some creepy construction workers had shaved an Elmo fuzz-less, rolled him around in dirt (so it would seem), and taped him to the front of a bulldozer. Caught up in our conflicting emotions of injustice and utter confusion, my sister and I debated whether or not to set Elmo free, but the overwhelmingly paranoid thought of those weirdo construction workers following us home and kidnapping us prevailed, and we left the Elmo there. Sad, I know.
  • Oh, I also took my sister on a date. You know you are a homeschooler if… taking your sister out for grilled cheese sandwiches and milkshakes counts as a date because the amount of social interaction in your life is seriously lacking. Just saying.
  • Blonde moment of the week: One of my sisters (I’ll let you guess which one) was watching a movie with me about Abraham Lincoln. It was an old movie, and nothing was said about Abraham Lincoln’s death or later years. So my sister turned to me and asked, “Why didn’t they say anything about that. Was the movie made before he died?” Yes, it was sad.
  • My dad heard me talking about the book I’m currently reading in literature titled “An Ideal Husband.” He started going off to me and my sisters about the qualities our future husbands should possess and asking us if we’d ever thought about making lists of what character traits we’d want in a husband. His questions were quickly dispelled when he found out that we were not, in fact, reading a book on finding a future mate but were instead reading a comedic play by Oscar Wilde dealing with blackmail and corruption. Awkward.
  • My littlest sister Ruthie has been trying to learn how to do a handstand. It’s funny, because it reminds me of the days that I wanted to desperately to learn how to do a forward roll, but I was too terrified of messing up and crashing into something, therefore internally injuring my brain, that I never learned how. It continually amazes me how fearless and spunky she is, compared to the weak, spineless cowards that Hannah and I both were as little kids. Now I’m really wishing I had learned to do a forward roll. But obviously I’m not going to try to learn now. I really love my internal organs, and don’t want to hurt them by that venture.


My Thoughts on “Um” + Giveaway

So I was speaking at a library the other day, and suddenly, the most puzzling question I have ever thought of flashed across my mind. So mind-blowing that it really took me aback, and I spent the rest of the afternoon carefully pondering it. And it is this: Where did the word “um” come from? I mean, think about it. It’s not really short for anything, and it doesn’t really stand for anything, and it has no really meaning. So why do we say it? What is the point? What kind of brainless robotic people are we? Let us ban the word “um” from our vocabulary. I think we should replace it with something else, like “pip” or “squat”. Can you imagine carrying on a conversation and saying, “I need you to go the grocery store and get…pip….some milk and eggs.” It just sounds so much cuter and funny!

Anyway, weird ramblings aside, you’re probably only reading this to find out who won the giveaway. *sniff* It’s okay, I’ll get over it. I know it’s not my brilliant wit and charm that attracts you to my blog, it’s my sister’s amazing talent. But that’s okay, because hopefully one very lucky girl will get to enjoy her talent in the form of an adorable bow-tie skirt! And, according to the random number generator, that girl is… Brooke S! Brooke, Hannah will email you later today with more details.

It’s okay, everyone who did not win. I feel your pain. I myself am yet to get a free bow skirt out of this whole deal. 😉 But, if you really want one for yourself (and who wouldn’t?), then please hop on over to Hannah’s Etsy shop and order one, or send her an email directly at hannaheverly(at)hotmail(dot).com. We should fill the world with girls wearing adorable bow skirts and mumbling “pip” after every few words. The world would be such a happy place to live….


P.S. Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted, Facebooked, Pinned, and talked about Hannah’s skirts. It means so much to both of us to “know” so many sweet, encouraging people! 🙂


Gettin’ All Dolled Up

I shared these photos on my Facebook page, but I thought I’d post them here, too, for you all to see! My sister Hannah and I went to a spring ball last night, and we got all dressed up!
































What Does God Want Me to Do With My Life?

“When did you know that God wanted you to be a writer?”

Someone asked me that the other day. Short answer: “I don’t know.” Long answer: “I’m sorry, but I just don’t know.” Because the truth is, I don’t remember a specific point in time when I ever realized that I was going to be a writer. I mean, I always thought it would be cool. I journaled about it sometimes. I dreamed about it a lot. But I never really set out to be a published author. It just sort of happened.

When I look back over the past two years, I can definitely see the hand of God in my life. The way that He orchestrated things is just amazing. To think that a fourteen-year-old kid could Google a list of agents and end up with a book contract from a major publishing house a few months later is unbelievable. It’s really just not normal. Things like that don’t happen every day, and I realize it. Despite all of my fumblings and mistakes, God managed to do so much more with my life than I ever would have thought He would. And I’m only sixteen years into it! I can’t WAIT to see what He’s going to do with the next sixty (Lord-willing) years! 😉

Often, when I share the story of God’s goodness in my life with other teens, I get a semi-frustrated, semi-confused reaction. I don’t usually ask what other teens are thinking, because I am super polite and all that, but occasionally one of them will tell me. And it’s usually along the lines of: Well, all that’s great for you, but how I am supposed to know what God wants me to do with my life?

I wish that I had the perfect answer for every single one of you who wants to know that, but unfortunately I don’t. I do, however, have a pretty good one. You can find it in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

So, according to that Bible verse, this is my advice as to what God wants you to do with your life. He wants you to:

–          Be joyful all the time

Too often we are too focused on whatever it is we want to do. We want to be published, so we obsess over it and spend our every waking hour plotting and planning how we can make that happen. Our writings become our primary passion in life, and we convince ourselves that we will never be happy unless they get the attention they deserve. Or else we mope and complain because we don’t believe they deserve any attention at all and we don’t think it’s fair that others are blessed with more talent and opportunities than we are. The same goes for whatever other talents and dreams we have, whether it’s writing, designing, playing an instrument, or something else entirely.

I may be taking things to extremes, but I do honestly believe that this is true of a lot of us, if we dare to admit it. Okay, you may not be literally obsessed with your hopes and dreams for the future, but how much time to you spend thinking about them? It’s one thing to be excited and hopeful for what God has in store for you one day, but it’s another thing to be so focused on the future that you lose any joy in your life right now.

God has you right where He wants you and don’t you ever forget it. It doesn’t matter what His plans are for you one day, because He has plans for you at this stage in your life that are more important. He wants for you to be happy and joyful in your life right now. Don’t worry about what your life will look like ten years from now—whether or not you’ll accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Just be happy with where God has you today, and remember that every single thing that happens to you right now is shaping and preparing you for what’s going to happen to you in the future.

–          Pray all the time

Whether or not you feel like you have something important to pray about. Obviously, something big like an agent considering your manuscript or a special arts school offering you an audition is going to require a lot of prayer. But so is making the decision to just write a book. Or sing a solo. Or do anything else that takes courage and hard work and may have an impact on your future.

If it’s something that’s close to your heart, then it will be close to the heart of God, as well. Don’t just start praying when you have to make a really big decision. Be devoted to prayer from the very start of an adventure. I always try to start out new stories with a simple prayer. Even if it’s just, “Lord, this is something that I feel you leading me to do, and I pray that you would help me to say all the things you want me to.” If I just pray that every time I sit down to write a scene for a book, I know that God will lead me in what I say and write. That way it’s God having control of my writing from the very beginning. I can rest more assured when it comes time to sign the contract that it’s what He wants me to do with my life, if I was in prayer from the very beginning that He would guide me.

–          Give thanks all the time

Give thanks when things work out and you get a contract or someone likes your story or your business is successful and you just feel like flying through the roof. Those are all things that God orchestrated in your life, and hopefully you can see that well enough to give Him due credit for it. But you should also give thanks when the rejection letters pour in or someone criticizes you a little too harshly or your dreams seem to fall through the roof. Because, even though it’s hard to see it sometimes, God had a hand in those things, too.

When I look back over all the mistakes and rejections I faced when I first set out to get my book published, I can see God at work in it all. Yeah, I know—easy to say now, with two book contracts and a great fan base, right? Well, while it is easier to give glory to God for the rough spots in the journey now that I’m safely on the other side, I still tried to give thanks to God even when I was trudging through those bad times. Because even if I didn’t know if there would ever be an end to the rejection emails and dismissals, I knew that God was still in control. And even though it hurt to hear people say dismissive or derogatory things about my age or inexperience, I knew that if it was something God wanted me to do, He would give me the grace to let those comments slide off my back. And even if He had never wanted me to be published, but had led me on another path instead, He still would have used those comments to shape me into a better person.


So, I don’t know if that was a good answer to the question: “What does God want me to do with my life?”, but it was a pretty lengthy one. 😉 In the end, I don’t really know what plans He has in store for you, and I’m guessing that you don’t either. But I do know that He wants you to be joyful, prayerful, and thankful. And that, in His timing and by His good grace, He will work great things in your life. You just have to be patient and open-minded, and remember that sometimes the plans that God has in store for us, aren’t necessarily what we would have had in mind for ourselves. But I can promise you that they will be so much better. 🙂


GIVEAWAY: Hannah Everly Bow Tie Skirt

My fourteen-year-old sister Hannah and I are total opposites. I can whip out an essay in half an hour, while she slaves for days over the same paper. She can get little kids to do anything she wants them to out of their total adoration of her, while I struggle to keep calm and patient in a room of three-year-olds. Another big difference between us is that Hannah is a complete genius at a sewing machine, while everything I attempt ends up uneven and ripped apart. It’s totally unfair how that worked out.

Anyway, long story short, I absolutely love these bow skirts that Hannah made.  I love them so much that the first time she came into the living room wearing one, I shot up in my seat and asked where she got it. Because I wanted one, too, obviously. (No, I’m not above buying something my sister owns) And when she shrugged and said, “Oh, I just saw a picture of something like this and decided to make it last night,” I basically freaked out. I was so proud of her! No pattern, no instructions–just Hannah doing her thing with a sewing machine and some spare fabric.

I’m going to have to rave a little now, because, honestly–these skirts go with just about everything. Being semi-obsessed with shopping and fashion myself (remember that I am a teenage girl!) I was just so excited to find a skirt that would look cute no matter what I paired it with! The bow skirts are so modest and feminine and perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having lately in Virginia. Can you tell I’m proud of my sister’s designs? 😉

So anyway, after a lot of talk and prayer, our family encouraged Hannah to try to start a little business selling these bow skirts. Not sure how far she’ll get, but she’s a hard worker and I know that God won’t let her efforts go to waste. 🙂 She just started an Etsy shop yesterday, where she’s selling the bow skirts for $39.95, plus shipping. I also think she’ll have a booth at next month’s homeschool convention in Virginia, so hopefully she’ll get some business!

Anyway, this is the part you probably were waiting for. Hannah has agreed to let me give away a custom bow skirt in blue seersucker to one lucky reader!  You can enter by commenting below with your name and email address. The contest will be open until Sunday at 10 PM EST, and then I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning. The winner can then email me with their information and pick the size.

If you’d like to buy a skirt for you or a friend/loved one, then check out Hannah’s Etsy shop and order one! She custom makes each skirt according to size and pattern, so you’ll be sure to get something you love!

Good luck, and happy entering!


  • Only one entry per person
  • Giveaway is open to all ages and countries (Although she only makes adult sizes for now)
  • Bonus Entry: You can get an extra entry by sharing my Facebook post about the giveaway!
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