This Week…

You all seemed to really enjoy it the last time I did this, so I thought I’d share with you a few of the funny things that happened to our family this week. I don’t have any idea why so many humorous things happen to our family, but I’m not going to question it! It’s just part of what makes life interesting. 😉

          – On Monday night, we all went out to dinner to celebrate Hannah’s birthday. Afterwards, our mom made a quick run into the grocery store and we all sat in the car attempting to belt out every word to “Bohemian Rhapsody” with  my dad. At one point, Hannah decided it would be funny to randomly wave at two ladies in the parking lot. It turned out being a lot more awkward than funny, though, because the ladies froze in their spots and started staring at us. We were holding back our laughter as they peered at our car, looked at each other, shrugged, and peered at our car again. By the time they finally went into the grocery store, glancing over their shoulders at us, I’m pretty sure the only thing they saw was two teenage girls doubled over their seatbelts in laughter. Because randomly waving at women in the redneck Food Lion parking lot is actually really humorous!

          – One day, our family was driving down our road, and we slowed down to admire our neighbor’s new paved driveway. (Paved driveways are a big deal on our road) Once we slowed down, we noticed his eight-year-old son sitting in the front yard with a big cardboard box in front of him. Supposing that he was selling lemonade or something, we pulled into the driveway and rolled down our window to shout at him. “Hey!” my dad called. “What are you selling? Lemonade?” The boy made a face and shouted back, “No! I’m giving free great ideas!” Obviously, our curiosity was peaked, and we called him over. My dad offered him a dollar for a great idea, but he refused. “No,” he insisted, “They’re free. You’re my first customer all day!” We asked him what great idea he had in store for us. He crinkled his nose and gave us a cheeky smile. “Well…um…here’s a great idea. How about you guys get your car off my dad’s new driveway?” We drove away in laughter, tears running down our cheeks. Kids these days!

          – On one of our family car trips into Richmond, we decided to reminisce over past vacations. (These are the kind of things you have to do when you saved on the cheap car without the television and dvd sets) The topic of restaurants came up. This wouldn’t be that interesting if not for the fact that, in our family, we always eat at locally owned dives. Always. If it doesn’t have cheap Christmas lights on the porch and the word “BBQ” in the name, my dad isn’t going to stop there. Anyway, we decided on the three most memorable dives of all time. Third place went to the restaurant aptly called “Chicken and BBQ”, because literally all they sold was chicken and barbecue. One kind of chicken. One kind of barbecue. No fries, pickles, or hot dogs. This was one restaurant that will never be accused of deceiving anyone. The runner-up dive was some place with the word “Chili” in the title. When we came across this one, we were driving through middle-of-no-where Ohio and there was absolutely nothing on the horizon. We were hungry enough to eat a horse, so chili didn’t sound bad. It was. Seriously, I have never had chili that disgusting before. And they put it on everything. Hotdogs, macaroni and cheese, and spaghetti chili. I still have nightmares. *Shudder* But the grand prize of the most memorable locally owned dive went to some random restaurant we went to in an amusement park once. There was this crazy woman who worked there, and she kept talking about the chicken spirits that guarded the place. She was throwing biscuits and shouting, “Bring down the great chicken spirit! Rain his blessings upon us!” Serious freak out moment all around.

So that was just a small glimpse into our past week. What happened to everyone else?


P.S. Photo was taken in a burst of spontaneity while in our favorite vintage shop last weekend. See our trying-so-hard-to-be-cool-and-fancy faces? Ruthie kind of messed it up with that big goofy smile. 😉


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  1. * YaYa Tomczak says:

    Hmm…Were there masks involved in the Food Lion parking lot incident?? Could explain so much. The ladies were probably just trying to figure out where they knew you from. And Ruth looks hilarical!

    Love, YaYa

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago
  2. * Emily Ann says:

    oh my gosh, this made me laugh!!!!

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago
  3. * Emily says:

    Oh, that first one was hilarious!! I’ve SO got to try that sometime! 😀

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago

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