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Some people have questions for me about what blogs/websites I read daily (or weekly), so I thought I’d make an entry talking about what sites I make an effort to follow. I love this age-of-blogs. I love it because, for some weird reason, after a few weeks of reading someone’s thoughts online, I start thinking that I know that person. They are my close, personal friend. I whisper my secrets into the computer for them to hear. I window-shop online for birthday gifts to buy them. Okay, well, maybe not. But still. I have a creepy connection to these people that would probably freak them out if they knew about it. But whatever.

And so here are my favorite blogs, categorized, of course.

The Hero’s Blog: http://oinks.squeetus.com/






I’m pretty sure Shannon Hale will never know how much I love her. In, like, a totally non-creepy way.


The Inspirational Blog: http://www.therebelution.com/blog/





This is the blog that first gave me the courage to try to get published. I don’t know if you’ve ever read them before, but I highly recommend the Harris brothers’ books, as well as just about anything else they write. Sadly, they don’t update their blog too much anymore, so I only go on there about once a month. But it’s still worth looking through the archives.


The Christian Blog: http://allshehastosay.wordpress.com/









Jasmine’s was the first blog I ever read, way back when I was probably twelve or so. I always want to have a blog, too, so I could be funny and cool like her. Once again, this blog doesn’t get updated too often, so I only go on there once a month or so. 😦 Bloggers, why you no update your blogs???


The “Smart” blog: http://www.jonacuff.com/blog/





Jon Acuff is the man! Well, I mean, I’m sure there are plenty of other great “men”, but he’s my favorite. I like that he’s funny, not stuffy. So while I always feel smarter after reading his blog, I also always feel happier. Which is pretty cool.


The Writing Blog: http://goteenwriters.blogspot.com/




Okay, so I’m a little biased, because I contribute to GTW, but still–it’s an amazing resource for writers! Definitely check it out. I’m a published author and I still learn things from this site!


The Just-For-Girls Site: http://inside-out-girl.blogspot.com/


Once again, biased, because two of my best friends started this blog. But it’s still a fantastic read and I recommend it to all Christian young ladies! 🙂


The Funny Blog: http://www.stylebyemilyhenderson.com/



This is kind of an unusual pick for this catagory, because, technically this is an interior design blog. But Emily Henderson cracks me up. Her humor is so similar to mine, it’s scary. Best post, hands down, is this one. I don’t even know why it tickled me so much. Ryan Gosling + Paint Samples = Hilarious. (Warning: This is not a Christian blog, so naturally there may things I don’t condone on it. I still enjoy reading it, but you should probably know)


Well, that’s about it. Actually, that’s very far from “it”–I could list about fifty other blogs I read, if I really want to be thorough. But this is cool for now. What blogs (besides mine, obviously 😉 ) do you read frequently?



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  1. * Emii says:

    Ooh, new blogs to check out! Sweet! Oh, and Rachel — are you on Pinterest?

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 11 months ago

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