Hannah Everly Designs on Miss Elanious

So maybe you’ve heard about the absolutely fantastic blog, misselanious? Well, it’s about time you did! The blog is run by twenty-three year old Elaini Garfield, a young woman with an incredible vision. A few years ago, Elaini started her blog as a way to raise money for orphans via Warm Blankets Orphan Care. In May of 2011, she debuted what was called “1 Dress. 100 Days. For Orphans.” Basically, Elaini wore the same dress for 100 days (well, I mean, she washed it obviously!), styled in so many unique ways, as an opportunity to raise money for orphans. The project has since ended, but Elaini is still raising money through her blog, and is currently at over $59,000 in donations.

Anyway, when Hannah started her skirt business, one of the first things she wanted to do was send Elaini a skirt in support. She read that Elaini wasn’t posting as much lately because she was running out of clothes to wear. We’ve donated money, but we wanted to do something else to help Elaini with her blog. What better way than to send her a black bow-tie skirt along with our donations? In an absolutely sweet spirit, Elaini accepted our gift and said she’d  wear it for her blog soon. So we were ecstatic when she emailed us yesterday to say that the photos would be going up on her blog this morning! Here is the link, with lots more pictures!

I would encourage all of you to go to Elaini’s blog and pray about making a donation. Even if you only give $15 or $20, it’s an amazing feeling to know that you are helping raise money for the care and support of orphans in third world countries. Think about it–that’s about how much it would cost you to go to the movie theater and buy a box of popcorn, these days. Would you rather spend two hours in a dark theater, or know that you helped contribute to the life of starving child?

For those of you who are interested in getting one of Hannah’s skirts for yourself, they’re available in her etsy shop, or from Hannah herself at hannaheverly(at)hotmail(dot)com.


Image from misselanious.com


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