The Importance of Laughing At Yourself

One thing you may have noticed about my blog is that I spend a good number of posts making fun of myself. I joke about my fear of the dentist, my crush on a guy who died fifty years ago, my traumatic childhood experiences linked to a PG-rated Disney film… Basically, nothing is above laughing about and discussing in a humorous way. Part of it is due to the fact that I am a naturally pessimistic and sarcastic person. So I’m more likely to moan and groan about something that’s really not that big of a deal in a super-dramatic way in order to make people chuckle. The other part is directly related to a huge truth I discovered soon after starting this blog:

Life is so much better when you know how to laugh at yourself.

Oh my goodness, I wish I could stress to you just how importance this fact is. In order to be happy in life, your eyes honestly have to be opened to the fact that you are a total weirdo and that is totally okay!

One of the reasons why I think this blog has such a great community of readers and fans interacting with each other and joking around in the comments section is because we all know how to laugh at ourselves. We understand that we’re not perfect but that we can learn and grow from our mistakes.

I had a friend tell me recently, “I do not know how you can write about your personal life so openly to so many people. I could never talk about some of those things to people I don’t know.”

The truth is, yeah, it is awkward sometimes. And there are a million things in my life and struggles I go through that I do NOT share online, or even with some of my closest friends. It’s called privacy, and it’s a blessing. However, I do try to always be honest about my faults and eccentricities. Even though a lot of people originally follow my blog because they’re impressed by things that I’ve done, I don’t ever want anyone to be intimidated by the person I am. Because I’m silly and snarky and paranoid, and hopefully that’s something others can relate to.

I understand more than some people, I think, the pressure to be perfect. To be smart and witty and well-rounded and classy. I have people in my life who I am intimidated by and who I long to be sometimes. But I don’t want that to ever get in the way of being okay with the way God made me.

Self-security means being okay with exposing your faults, and having a good laugh about them. So I’m awkwardly tall and when I wear high heels few guys can spin me on the dance floor. That’s okay. I can laugh about, I can blog about it. Who really cares if I like to dance around my room to Taylor Swift songs or lip-synch the opera chorus to “Bohemian Rhapsody” or freak out at the thought of climbing up a ladder? That doesn’t make me silly or weak. It makes me real.

Please, people, let’s stop taking ourselves so seriously. We’re so concerned with being hip and relevant and non-clichéd, that we forget to nerd out and actually enjoy life. Sliding around the kitchen in your socks is way more fun than sipping black coffee in a shady café while discussing Proust. Seriously. And hopefully I’m not the only one who’s willing to admit that!

So relax a little. Have some fun. Stop worrying so much about meeting other’s expectations of you and trying to attain a certain level of maturity and just let yourself laugh at your own silliness sometimes. It’s healthy for you, and it will make others like you so much more. I promise.



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  1. Very good, Rachel! I don’t often laugh at myself…I’m more of a serious kind of person, but I guess I should start laughing more…
    Thanks! I love your stories of your personal life! They are so cool and encouraging.

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago
    • * RachelC says:

      Thanks, Cassondra! So glad to know they are entertaining to someone–They don’t always seem so at the moment for me, but I love finding ways to learn something from them. 🙂

      | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago
  2. * Emily Ann says:

    Yes! I love this. Thanks for the reminder. =)

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago
  3. * Cammie says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I LOVE being real. It makes me and everyone around me more comfortable, so lets nerd out 🙂

    BTW are you doing Nanowrimo this year?

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago
    • * RachelC says:

      Haha, let’s! 😉 I have never heard of Nanwrimo! I’m actually very unknowledgable in the world of internet writers, haha. I keep learning new things! I’ll definitely check it out, though. Sounds like fun!

      | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago
  4. * cait says:

    Yay for those with the ability to laugh at themselves! I love to do that in my own writing/blogging. It’s so much more fun to have a joke (especially when it’s at your expense) then discuss the deep issues of today. Deep issues have their place, of course…buuut…laughter is good for you.

    I ADMIT! Sliding on socks is awesome!!

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago
    • * RachelC says:

      It’s AMAZING!!! Why bother ever growing up??? 😉

      | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago
  5. * Laura says:

    Thanks Rachel, I cannot tell you how much I’ve needed this post, and I didn’t even know it until now. I’m currently working on applying to college and stressing out over being serious and thoughtful in my college essays, but I’m going to try and inject a little more fun into them now. Thanks again! Love your blog!

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago

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