Plummeting Poultry

We have a strange family. With weird traditions and dry senses of humor. Therefore, we love anything that is bizarrely strange and yet hilariously funny at the same time. Watching this video is a Thanksgiving tradition in our home. The premise is simple: A radio station decides to drop live turkeys out of a helicopter and let people catch them for their holiday meals. Chaos ensues. Our home family is in stitches by the time the video ends… 😉



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  1. * Abbi Hart says:

    I laughed so hard! My mom used to watch this show and she had us watch a few episodes but non were as funny as this! I’ll have to put it on for the fam this Thanksgiving!

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Abby says:

    🙂 That’s a cute video. What show is this? Also I read Interrupted yesterday. I really liked it! Good job!

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago
  3. * Laura says:

    Haha! Awesome video! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Also, I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in a recent blog post. Thanks for always being an inspiration. You’re right up there with Shannon Hale 🙂 http://the-blank-page.blogspot.com/
    (ps. Sorry if for some reason you get this comment twice. I posted it first but it didn’t show up so I’m trying again)

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago

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