NEW BLOG + a giveaway

Guess what? I’ve moved! Packed up my bags, switched my address, and settled into my new place. That’s right! From now on, I will be blogging from www.rachelcoker.com.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t move all my archives (two and a half years of blogging adds up, you guys!) but this site will stay up for you to peruse when you’re feeling bored. But I’m not going to be blogging from here anymore, so make sure you sign up for updates at www.rachelcoker.com to stay up-to-date!

In fact, to launch the new site, I’m hosting a giveaway at the new blog! So be sure to hop on over for your chance to win two autographed books!

It’s been fun blogging here, but I’m looking forward to starting something new (with the same old witty commentary, of course) in a brand-new place!