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Video Blog: Favorite Characters

I’m a bad blogger. Mainly because I go so long without saying anything, then randomly post about something weird for no reason at all. Oh, well. I’ll just blame it on being a seventeen-year-old girl, on top of everything else.

I made a video blog, though! Talking about my favorite characters and who I would date or be friends with from my books. Random stuff, ya’ll. Oh well.

I want to hear your feedback, though!!! Who are your favorite characters from my books? Do you prefer Allie or Scarlett? Sam or Frank? Well?????


Video Blog: Hopes and Dreams

Hey, ya’ll! I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio this week and I don’t think I’ve heard a single person say “ya’ll” yet. Wonder why that is?? Anyway, I’m here speaking with my CPA Carol Topp at the Midwest Homeschool Convention and signing lots of books at my booth! So if you’re in the Ohio area, come on over and say “hi!”

Before I left yesterday, I filmed a short video blog showcasing both my raspy voice (I have a cold) and my hopes and dreams. Not sure which you’ll find more interesting, but have at it.

I’ll be back soon with pictures and updates from Ohio!

What are your dreams and goals?



GIVEAWAY WINNER + “Doing What You Love”

And the winner of one custom-made coral Hannah Everly bow skirt is…. Entry #25–Hannah Elise! Hannah, my Hannah will be emailing you soon with details! Congrats!

And to everyone else who didn’t win but who would still love to get their hands on a bow skirt, they are all still available in Hannah’s etsy shop! If you order now, you may get it in time for Easter! 😉

I also wanted to upload a video blog today, talking about the ups and downs of owning your own business. I may invite Hannah to join me and expand on this topic sometime, but for now I thought a brief overview of my thoughts might be interesting to you all! 😉

Does being an author beat flipping burgers at the local McDonald’s? (The answer is YES)


Video Blog: Reading Reviews in British Accents

Okay, first off, can I just say “WOW” at all the book suggestions I got in my last post??? Seriously, you guys are the BEST! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those titles I’d never heard of…. Mmmm…

So today my sisters and I decided to be totally weird and make a video of us reading a few of my favorite reviews of my newest book “Chasing Jupiter” in horribly corny British accents. Gah.

I know what question will be on all of your minds after viewing this… And the answer is no, we haven’t always been this amazing.


Video Blog: Catching Up Everyone

It’s been a while since I’ve done a video blog! But it’s good to be back! 🙂


Video Blog: Christmas!!!!

Yeah, so, my friends dared me to wear antlers on my head for my next vlog video and not even act like anything was weird. So, if you think I look strange in this video, blame my friends, not me! 😛

An early Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!


Video Blog: Every Writer’s Favorite Four-Letter Word

I’m not even going to give you any kind of intro to this vlog video. I know that my title is clever and cheeky enough to make you want to watch it anyway. 😉


Video Blog: Random Q&A With Hannah

Soooooo….. Here is the video I promised you all! Me and Hannah at our absolute ten-in-the-morning best. 😉 We had such a good time answering your random questions, and I’m sure you’ll see her and my other sister Ruth more on the blog soon!


Video Blog: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

New video blog! Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Sorry the blog hasn’t been updated much this week… I’ve been really busy with family and friends! But things will get back to normal next week, I promise! :


Video Post: Why It’s Important What Others Think

Yes, that’s probably a controversial thing to say. Yes, I am probably breaking social taboos by implying that you should worry about what others think about you. I think you should probably just watch the video. I promise I explain my scandalous assertions.